This arrived from the Anonymous Actor yesterday. No introduction. No explanation…

Day One

How best to make a blog post out of this pretty succinct idea? How best to stretch the number of words to make it worthwhile publishing outside of a 140 character mental bulletin?

I’ll just use far more than 140 characters and hope for the best.

In all of the shite and the darkness and debt and worry that peppers one’s pursuit of our vocation;

Isn’t Day One brilliant.

Brilliant beyond the phonecall telling you you got the gig. Brilliant beyond a good review from Lyn Gardner.


Because in that room, on that day, everything is possible. “What might this *become*?”

Surely this is why we’re in it. Surely that’s what we’re aiming for? The dizzy heights of as many Day Ones as we can get our hands on, the soaring roots of the work.

Day Ones are worth the rest before them.

Hey diddley dee.

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The Anonymous Actor
The Anonymous Actor is an actor who was asked first to be interviewed, then to write a blog. Now he wants to remain 100% anonymous. What do you mean "I said 'he'"? Oh, yes, I see. He's a he. I can tell you that much. All else is shrouded in mystery. And anger. Mostly anger.