Today, everybody adds to their own personal ‘showreel’ in their careful editing of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, championing a particular kind of 21st Century myth-making. If Comparison is the Thief of Joy (as Jonathan suggested in an earlier post), then in a world where social media’s increased role in self promotion has led to a rupture between narratives of success and the day-to-day realities of being a jobbing actor, joy is being stolen daily from under our noses in the biggest online con trick of our time. The art of self-promotion has shifted into the mainstream, but some of its unintended consequences still lurk in the shadows, rarely talked about and almost never admitted to publicly.

Chris Tester
Box office monkey, bartender, usher/auditorium interventionist, workshop leader, Ian/Dan/Mike (delete as appropriate) the 'awkward' finance manager with problems that need to be discussed in a role-play context, Sarah Kane scholar, (FIFA) football manager, Menzies lookalike and Cumberbatch soundalike, personal trainer and capable carrier of spears (both actual and metaphoric).
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First Teaser Now on iTunes

So, if all is well, the first interview teaser is now on iTunes. Or, it will be whenever iTunes next cycles its updates. These things take longer than I expected, which is another reason why it’s good to be testing them out in advance of launching properly.

Jonathan Harden
Actor. VO. Director. Former barman, waiter, cook, labourer, 'tugger', security guard, dish washer, removals man, bouncer, office manager, Wendy's 'Crew Member', Costa 'barista', snooker table maintenance guy, shop assistant, usher, boom op, golf buggy driver, and one-time pretend bank robber. Started this thing thinking nobody would listen.
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