First and foremost: thank you, Emily Taaffe. This was a lovely interview and one I’ve been wanting to put out for months. The fear that there were too many Irish voices meant Emily was left out of the teasers, but at last, the time is here.

Emily was one of Jess Raine’s nominations as a person she wanted to hear interviewed about acting in this context. It’s clear from the time I spent with Emily just why she made it onto that list. She and Jess have a lot in common, certainly, but just as actors’ careers are infinitely varied, so too are their responses to my fairly prescriptive set of questions.

Before I go and leave you to (hopefully) enjoy the episode, I have two things outstanding:

  1. A quick thanks to the guys at The Union Club in Soho who have generously offered to support the podcast this month.
  2. A reminder to you to VOTE FOR THE HONEST ACTORS BLOG in this years UK Blog Awards, by clicking the button at the top of this (and every) page.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

Emily Taaffe

Recorded at Headspace (Hatton Garden) on 26.05.15. Running Time – 33:30.

Most proud of: The UK premiere of Richard Greenberg’s The American Plan.

Recordings copyright Jonathan Harden, 2016. Music by Deci Gallen.

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