Episode 12 and we have returned to one of those interviews previewed in the teasers that appeared on iTunes long before launching properly at the end of September. The line that stood out for me in that extract – “Go for it, baby!” – is now back in context as part of a larger narrative that is almost exclusively without sub-plot.  This is the story of a man who, in spite of a life-changing accident leaving him paralysed, has never once considered throwing in the towel. To come through a year in hospital and be back on stage within three, to re-embrace an ‘addiction’ to the thrill of performance and to unreservedly accept all that is wrong with this “mad, crazy fucking business” is truly inspirational.

John Rogan was recommended by Justine Mitchell following her own interview for the podcast. Like all the others that have been suggested to me this way, he did not disappoint. His interview is truly unlike any of the others, in spite of the questions being pretty consistent throughout. It is the shortest edit of all twelve episodes so far, but that is no indication of anything other than the simplicity of John’s answers. And that is what is striking as I listen back. Although he may often say that he doesn’t know, is unsure, or hasn’t ever considered the question being asked, my feeling is that he doesn’t often need much time to contemplate how he feels of thinks about anything to do with his profession or the industry. He knows. Just as I get the sense that with John, acting is innate, so it seems is his attitude towards it. He loves it. He know’s it’s tough. He knew that when he signed up. But he still loves it. He still wants to do it. And he hopes he always will.

On a technical note, apologies for the slightly lower audio quality than usual. I had to use the recording captured on an ambient mic as the lapel mics were picking up a lot of noise. I’ve done my best. Hopefully it doesn’t impact on your enjoyment of John’s interview too much. On the plus side, there’s an excellent stereo house fly at one point; it’s like Honest Actors’ in 3D.

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Now, go and have a listen; I guarantee this episode will make you smile…

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John Rogan

Recorded at his home on 03.06.15. Running Time – 31:20.

Most proud of: Joxer in Juno and the Paycock at the RSC.

Recordings copyright Jonathan Harden, 2016. Music by Deci Gallen.

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