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10 Things I’ve Learned About Being An Actor Since Graduating

A few unsolicited articles came in to honestactors@gmail.com last week. Here’s one of the best…


Here is a photo of me, in June 2010. I am wearing a green Karen Millen dress complete with matching heels that my Mother bought for me, I have had my hair professionally blow dried for the occasion. There I am, proudly clutching my 2:1 BA(Hons) Acting from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama – with absolutely no fucking idea what was supposed to happen next. If you look close enough I’m sure you can see the panic in my smile.

Katie Elin-Salt
Katie is an actor, singer and musician from Bridgend in South Wales now living in London. She has done some nice bits of work in all these things over the last few years that she's chuffed with. Aside from this - most commonly known Princess Elsa on weekends, she has also starred as Peppa Pig and Supergirl in various children's parties across the UK. You may also recognise Katie from working in the returns section of Ann Summers Cardiff at Christmas 2010. Series Regular of Judge Judy (Playing person watching it on the sofa whilst once again not in the gym)
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Waitress/ Party Princess/ Actress

What you were doing at 12.30pm on Saturday 25th July? En route to a matinee you’d rather not have been doing? Taking a brunch order from a table you’d rather not have been serving? Or, were you – like me – squatting behind a bush trying not to be seen by a group of children playing nearby?

Wait, I can explain…

Katie Redford
Actress/Writer/Face for the Radio

Actor/Carer: ‘To know is synonymous with to feel’ – Anonymous (Stanislavski)

I was 9 when my mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I found out from a friend who told me that her parents had told her – 6 months previously. I didn’t really know what it meant. My parents were still of the opinion that I was too young to be told because I was too young to be worried. They hadn’t got that bit quite right. My imagination was already on turbo power, filling out the images behind the closed bedroom door, their hushed conversations, the flowers that kept arriving at the house, the peculiar sympathetic comments from my teachers, the wheelchair brochure in the kitchen drawer. I observed my parents meticulously and obsessively; desperately hunting for clues in the tones of their voices, their eye contact, my mother’s sigh.

A.N. Actor
Sometimes someone submits a blog and requests that it be published anonymously. This is not *The* Anonymous Actor, just someone who wishes not to be identified.
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Money, Stability & Validation: One Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

Why am I an actor? No, really. Why? It certainly isn’t for the love of money or stability.

There are many things I’ve found challenging since I entered this profession 5 years ago: the precarious nature of our work, the the whole not being an actor so I can be a waitress and pay my rent, and a range of other obstacles and inconveniences that could all be brought together under the banner ‘Coming To Terms With How The Business Actually Works Because Drama School Doesn’t Prepare You For It’. But I’ve found that one of the hardest things about being an actor is the need for validation.

Katharine Moraz
Actor. Musician. Baby Dinosaur. Bookworm. One third of @_MusicSunday.
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Dad, Actor, Barista: The ‘Security’ Of Fatherhood

I remember the moment my wife told me she was pregnant. A strange creeping joy. That giddiness you feel when queuing for a truly terrifying rollercoaster. That. We were trying so it was not a complete surprise, just a life changing one.

Then the fears start to creep in. There are the generic ones that we all feel I suppose. The fear of a miscarriage or complication and how that would affect you and your relationship. The fear of an ever widening, achy wife with a million needs. And obviously the fear of the actual event.

But for me, there were some other fears too…

Nicholas Waters
Actor. Singer Barman. Barista. Mixologist. Waiter. Teacher. Facilitator. Kitchen Porter. Shop assistant. Office runner. Production runner. Usher. Office boy. Bookseller. Events organiser. Cook. Labourer. Landscape gardener. Maitre D. Box packer. Box unpacker. Backpacker...Alpacca?
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Today, everybody adds to their own personal ‘showreel’ in their careful editing of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, championing a particular kind of 21st Century myth-making. If Comparison is the Thief of Joy (as Jonathan suggested in an earlier post), then in a world where social media’s increased role in self promotion has led to a rupture between narratives of success and the day-to-day realities of being a jobbing actor, joy is being stolen daily from under our noses in the biggest online con trick of our time. The art of self-promotion has shifted into the mainstream, but some of its unintended consequences still lurk in the shadows, rarely talked about and almost never admitted to publicly.

Chris Tester
Box office monkey, bartender, usher/auditorium interventionist, workshop leader, Ian/Dan/Mike (delete as appropriate) the 'awkward' finance manager with problems that need to be discussed in a role-play context, Sarah Kane scholar, (FIFA) football manager, Menzies lookalike and Cumberbatch soundalike, personal trainer and capable carrier of spears (both actual and metaphoric).
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The Anonymous Actor – Being an Actor Stinks. Get on with it.

The first of the guest posts is offered anonymously by someone who declined to be interviewed when I asked a few months back, but who remains a keen supporter and promoter of the podcast. If you think that doesn’t add up, read on.

The Anonymous Actor
The Anonymous Actor is an actor who was asked first to be interviewed, then to write a blog. Now he wants to remain 100% anonymous. What do you mean "I said 'he'"? Oh, yes, I see. He's a he. I can tell you that much. All else is shrouded in mystery. And anger. Mostly anger.
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