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Unrequited Love: Why Does Acting Hate Me?

Unrequited love happened to me when I was 14 and I’d never suffered such unjust agony before. It seemed impossible that the recipient of my infatuation would barely register when I came into the room. The total indifference was made all the more torturous by alarmingly sporadic, very occasional, incredibly minor – glimmers of hope. A smile. A friendly hug. A ‘how are you?’ became the axis upon which my world could spin or stick.

A.N. Actor
Sometimes someone submits a blog and requests that it be published anonymously. This is not *The* Anonymous Actor, just someone who wishes not to be identified.
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Does this mean I’m an Actor now?

Cutting a long, tedious, life story short, I spent four years studying a Masters at a red brick university only to discover, on its completion, that at the age of twenty-two, I still wanted to be an actor.

I avoided drama school at eighteen to pursue the route of a middle of the road arts degree that I would eventually convert to law; make the parents proud and maybe make a ton of money; you know, the usual fools errand of a reasonably smart individual who has no idea what to do with his life…

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Hey Diddly Digs: Touring, Egg-stained T-shirts, and Turds in the Cupboard

I have never been good at finding digs. The first time I went on tour I often shared with one of my cast mates who was much more organised and worldly than I was. One night we turned up in what soon became clear was a room in a violent pub in the Badlands of Salford. As the wind howled outside and drunken customers shouted in the corridors we kept a watchful eye on our bedroom door like prime candidates for victims in a horror film.

Susan Harrison
Susan has done Telesales & lived to tell the tale. She is obsessed with Comedy & The Gilmore Girls in equal measure. She once learnt how to improvise in the style of a Haruki Murakami novel, which tells you all you need to know about her business sense.
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The Rocking 50s: Becoming an actor later in life

I remember plucking up the courage to phone a couple of drama schools when I was thirty-six. Both told me over the phone that I was too old. So I let it go. Then, in my forties, I became an extra, thinking it might be a way into acting. It certainly isn’t, but I learned a lot and had some great experiences. I was in my fifties when I got accepted on a two year full-time training at drama school.

Kathy Trevelyan
Ex teacher, community worker and European organiser (whatever that means). Current day job as a tour guide. Mum, grandma. Gets all worked up about politics and yells on demonstrations. Loves family, friends, the cat, good food, travel, music, books and, of course, theatre.
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Not Getting In To Drama School: £400 well spent

“We think you should look in to pursuing a career as a puppet therapist”.
My response was a snigger, I had just spent the last 15 minutes telling my secondary school careers advisor how acting was everything I had ever wanted to do and she tells me that puppet therapy would be a more sensible career path. I knew that getting in to acting would be hard, I’ve always known that- I’ve always been prepared for that. I’ve always known who I was and who I wanted to be. I was the girl who got the top grades, the best parts; I work bloody hard- I deserve to do well! But now? After too many unsuccessful drama school auditions I’m beginning to doubt myself.

Gemma Steele
Gemma is an 'actor' who hasn't been in a single TV show, film or professional theatre production but she does make a mean Chicken Korma. Her blog - 'Book Ends & Ticket Stubs' - can be viewed via the link below.
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The Understudy: Being Kind of In Something

I was warned against being an understudy by a tutor at drama school. Apparently it’s a bad idea and it doesn’t look particularly good on your CV. But as I sat there, agentless, with a vast expanse of free time before me, it occurred to me that I’d been presented with a golden opportunity. Nine months work on a national tour, more importantly nine months pay – and how many new graduates can say they’ve entered the bottom tax bracket after their first year in the industry?

Larner Wallace-Taylor
Actor, Writer, Voice-Over. Also a tap dancer and touch typist. Never both at the same time (unless it’ll get me the job).
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Depression and Bullying in the Arts: #timetotalk


Being honest as a performer is foolhardy, and a rarity at best. I’d even go one further, and say it’s a path to career suicide. I’ve asked Jonathan to remain anonymous for that exact reason, but would nonetheless like to share my experience.

A.N. Actor
Sometimes someone submits a blog and requests that it be published anonymously. This is not *The* Anonymous Actor, just someone who wishes not to be identified.
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Dear 2015 me: 2016 me can only do so much.

My name is Kitty, and I’m an actress.

There I said it.

Yes as we all know, admitting this information can open up the entire can of worms of questioning that we all hate. But there is also a great misunderstanding of what this actually means. Either it’s the dreaded, infamous ‘in anything I would have seen?’ question. But more often than not it’s the ‘An ACTRESS? Oh that’s so glamorous!’ remark.

Kitty Roe
Kitty is a master's graduate from ArtsEd and has been out of training for a year and a half. She comes from the countryside (Norfolk) but has lived in east London for 5 years. She loves tea and cats. And hates celery.
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Acting Inspired: How To Start A Podcast

Like Jonathan, I have googled “how to podcast” and, also like Jonathan, I read and followed/ignored quite a bit of evangelical tech-preaching from super-high-energy Americans. As a consequence, I too have a podcast. I had to do something to fill the void after Serial…

Lewis Goody
Actor. Podcaster. Boat-dweller.
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Tell The Truth About Mental Health: #Itaffectsme

Dear Fellow Actors, I wanted to tell the truth. And not the truth in a confessional, sit me in a box and say three hail Mary’s kind of way, although a Hail Mary from time to time does help I’ve found, but simply in a let’s talk about this because it’s important kind of way.

Laura Darrall
Selfie+post-it+donation+RT = #itaffectsme Let's get people talking about #mentalillness Spread the word and donate to Mind!
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