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Benedict Cumberbatch is an actor. Am I?

Olivia Colman is an actor. Idris Elba is an actor. Benedict Cumberbatch is most definitely an actor, if not the most actor of all the actors. These people all undoubtedly return home at Christmas and say ‘Actor’ when asked what they do by long-unseen neighbours at their parents’ Christmas party.

Not I. When asked what I do, I say ‘Well I’m a freelance writer and, I guess, sometimes I do a bit of acting. I act sometimes. I might be an actor. I’m not sure’.


‘How important is luck in an acting career?’

I’ve been asking this question in the podcast from the start. So I figured it was time we got a definitive answer. Not from me, obviously. Over resident ‘acting cheerleader’, Anthony English…

Luck, fate, kismet. It has a variety of names and everyone of them it can be an absolute bastard. It is a precarious, treacherous

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Becoming a mum straight after graduating from drama school

I loved drama school. I was a ‘mature’ student you see, and even though there were things I didn’t like about drama school, I found my bliss there after years of trying to find fulfilment in other careers. So, when the head of my course asked me what I really wanted in the future, the words that came out of my mouth shocked me, “a family” I said, “and to earn my living as an actor”. I got my wish, but the reality feels very different to the dream.

A.N. Actor
Sometimes someone submits a blog and requests that it be published anonymously. This is not *The* Anonymous Actor, just someone who wishes not to be identified.
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Notes from an expectant actress/mother

There’s a thing about being an actress that initially affects women more than men. While the men are affected in the long term, generally, they don’t stop working at any point in the lead up.

Having a baby.

Angela Peters
Aussie actress with TV credits who hasn't done anything quite as noteworthy since leaving those pretty shores, but is occasionally seen grasping a Heinz ketchup bottle to the delight of her non-actor friends. Used to ride horses, sometimes tries to ski badly, always rock climbing. Frequently spotted writing for BABE and Casting Networks and occasionally for The Stage and other places...pretty much anywhere she can throw her opinion around.
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[UPDATED] Disability: Jayne’s Turning Point

UPDATE 26/03/2016: Neurosurgeons have suggested Jayne have a neuro stimulator inserted in her occipital nerve, which if successful will reduce the head pain.

Jayne Dickinson
Lover of all things creative. Write to play xxx
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[UPDATED] Disability: Nick’s Turning Point

UPDATE 26/03/2016: Neurosurgeons have suggested Jayne have a neuro stimulator inserted in her occipital nerve, which if successful will reduce the head pain.

Nicholas Waters
Actor. Singer Barman. Barista. Mixologist. Waiter. Teacher. Facilitator. Kitchen Porter. Shop assistant. Office runner. Production runner. Usher. Office boy. Bookseller. Events organiser. Cook. Labourer. Landscape gardener. Maitre D. Box packer. Box unpacker. Backpacker...Alpacca?
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The Pros & Cons of Claiming FUNemployment Benefits

When I moved back to London in February last year, I bloody loved being funemployed. I got to explore London, see all my friends I hadn’t seen in months/years, go to the theatre, cinema, go on nights out. I truly was a lady of leisure and I was having the best time. It was fun.

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Didn’t train? Get that Chip Off Your Shoulder

Didn’t train? Get that chip off your shoulder…

As we all know, knockbacks are hard to take and as much as we don’t like to admit it, they do take a toll. So sometimes, after the initial ecstasy and immense satisfaction of getting a job, the panic sets in. What if I’m not good enough? I probably wasn’t their first choice…what if my name was really similar to the person that they actually wanted…but now they’ve got me!? I can’t speak for anyone else but I spend almost every day leading up to the job in a mild (major) state of panic and self doubt worrying that it was all a mistake and that I am in fact not what they wanted at all.

Grace Hogg-Robinson
Actress hailing from a very small hamlet, known by friends for being clumsy and overly enthusiastic, known by strangers (that watch daytime TV) for being a sassy goth. Sometimes found selling sweets, sometimes found talking to herself…ah well, we’re all mad here.
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The Anonymous Actor: Day Ones

This arrived from the Anonymous Actor yesterday. No introduction. No explanation…

Day One

How best to make a blog post out of this pretty succinct idea? How best to stretch the number of words to make it worthwhile publishing outside of a 140 character mental bulletin?

I’ll just use far more than 140 characters and hope for the best.

The Anonymous Actor
The Anonymous Actor is an actor who was asked first to be interviewed, then to write a blog. Now he wants to remain 100% anonymous. What do you mean "I said 'he'"? Oh, yes, I see. He's a he. I can tell you that much. All else is shrouded in mystery. And anger. Mostly anger.
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“Oh, you’re a writer now… ?”

People like to categorize, it makes them feel safe.

Wait, not “them” – I mean ‘us’. We ALL do it to help us feel safe. Categorizing in this sort of way is the first thing we do in order to find common ground when meeting new people:

Alun Saunders
Sometimes Actor, sometimes Writer; always Husband, always Dad. Thanks to his parents' encouragement towards the Welsh language and musical instruments, Alun has managed to work as an Actor in between MCing Welsh Banquets for visiting tourists. He now knows how to say 'Cheers' in over 24 languages. Iechyd da!
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