If it seems like a lifetime since I released the last episode (busy few weeks at Honest HQ), then it must be eons since I interviewed Billy Carter. In fact, it was April last year, approximately six weeks after I had started to release teasers for the podcast that would eventually launch months later…

I caught up with Billy via Skype or FaceTime; I can’t remember which, although I’m sure somebody out there will be able to tell by the ring sound alone. We hadn’t spoken in months, or perhaps a year or more. And like many of the other interviewees, I had worked with Billy on only one job. When it came to making that first list though – a list of who I wanted to hear talk honestly about their careers – he was was one of the first names that came into my head.

I am a huge fan of Billy as an actor. In fact, speaking of lists, I saw him playing one of the roles on my personal wish list and almost considered removing it there and then. As a Northern Irish actor who aspires to play lead roles in London theatre, Billy is something of a role model. He’ll have a giggle at me saying that, but I have told him before and it’s true.

Like Perdita Weeks’ interview – which went out a fortnight ago as episode 4 –  I’ve held onto this recording for a long time. It is, in fact, the longest that I have held onto an interview before releasing it. This was largely due to the issue of accent clash; I wanted you to get used to hearing me, and be able to identify my voice, before introducing you to another Northern Irish male. There was also an element of waiting for the right moment in the schedule. You may not have noticed it, but so far only one of the interviewees in series 2 (Emma Lowndes) has trained. Billy is the second. In many other ways, it’s a diverse group, and that I feel, has enabled me to include an alternative version of my own voice, my own very particular demographic, into the mix.

So there you have it. Please have a listen below and let me know what you think. As ever, there’ll be another brand new interview in precisely two weeks. In the meantime, I have a crowdfunding campaign to manage, and am currently interviewing the long-listed finalists for the first ever Emerging Actors Roundtable is association with Spotlight. Exciting times.


Thanks for listening.

J. x

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Billy Carter

Recorded via FaceTime or Skype or something – NYC to SW16 – on 14th April 2015. Running Time – 34:47.

Recordings copyright Jonathan Harden, 2016. Music by Deci Gallen.

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