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I’m done with it. I’m done with playing the game. I’m done.

I’m not even sure who invented the game, but knowing what I do about actors, I’m going to say we did it to ourselves. We love to punish ourselves. Well, if we made it, we can break it. And

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  • funny actor joke

The Ultimate Actor Joke

There are lots of lovely actor jokes; you might have already heard some of the better known ones. The punchlines are usually how I remember them:

‘Oh Mr Bargee, could we have a word about billing’

Actor: ‘What, Lionel Blair?’ Agent: ‘Yes’

‘Could you possibly launder this cheque?’

‘Eats the bones, fucks the other dogs and

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  • Cumberbatch actor

Benedict Cumberbatch is an actor. Am I?

Olivia Colman is an actor. Idris Elba is an actor. Benedict Cumberbatch is most definitely an actor, if not the most actor of all the actors. These people all undoubtedly return home at Christmas and say ‘Actor’ when asked what they do by long-unseen neighbours at their parents’ Christmas party.

Not I. When asked what I do, I say ‘Well I’m a freelance writer and, I guess, sometimes I do a bit of acting. I act sometimes. I might be an actor. I’m not sure’.

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‘How important is luck in an acting career?’

I’ve been asking this question in the podcast from the start. So I figured it was time we got a definitive answer. Not from me, obviously. Over resident ‘acting cheerleader’, Anthony English…

Luck, fate, kismet. It has a variety of names and everyone of them it can be an absolute bastard.

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