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  • Young Actors Roundtable

Be part of the UK Emerging Actors Roundtable…

We’ve all watched them, those glossy American actor roundtables. Beautifully lit, beautiful people discussing the struggles they faced en route to their latest award nomination. And yeah, I enjoy them. But it occurred to me, earlier this year, that perhaps there was another way of doing it. Something a bit more ‘Honest Actors’…

  • Spotlight Challenge 2016

Join us in running the Spotlight Challenge for charity…

Want to get fit and raise money for charity?

It’s that time of year again and we at Honest Actors – i.e. the two of us that live in the flat where I occasionally stand in the cellar to record an intro for the podcast – are back in training for The Spotlight Challenge. And this year, Bronagh and I would love you to Join us on Team Honest Actors…

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  • Advice for Actors

Contribute to #ActorSunscreen 2.0

It’s time to give a little back to the Honest Actors’ community. It’s time to share some of your hard-earned wisdom. It’s time to share the things you still struggle with.

As part of getting the social media accounts buzzing again – and generating some buzz for the potential new series

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  • jay-rayner-boxing-007

‘You’re an actor? In which restaurant?’ – The one with the best tips.

So, this morning I somehow found myself on Radio 4’s Today programme, debating a government report with Jay Rayner, the Observer’s food critic. How I ended up in that situation, I’m not entirely sure, but I guess it had a lot to do with this blog, the podcast and the

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#WINNING: Honest Actors WINS ‘Arts & Culture’ Award!

We did it!

Within a year of launching, The Honest Actors’ Blog has won the ‘Arts & Culture’ award at the UK Blog Awards 2016!

Attending in my absence, fellow Irish actor Jason Broderick – the man who helped me relaunch the site back in September –  put on a brand new suit, made his way to the Park Plaza and took over the Twitter account for the night.

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